Chefanie Sheets are edible paper that elevate ordinary grocery-bought or home-made cakes, cookies, or donuts to a work of art in 5 minutes.

Chefanie Sheets are vegan, gluten-free, & shelf-stable. Each sheet comes as part of a kit that includes a ruler and SUPER QUICK INSTRUCTIONS. You can purchase Chefanie designs or customize your own. 

Chefanie Sheets

"No Pattern, No Party."

To order a custom *cake* in the New York area, contact

Chefanie Sheet Club

Join to have fresh Chefanie Sheets delivered monthly. The perfect gift or inspiration to bake seasonal donuts, cakes, and cookies. Each kit includes: 2 Small Chefanie Sheets,1 ruler, instructions, & a seasonal recipe card for just $19.99.

Chefanie Sheets à la Carte