Alessandra Badioli

Alessandra Badioli

Alessandra Badioli, a member of Victory Club, has launched her website & lifestyle brand, The ALB Standard. Alessandra is poised to set the culture standard - she grew up between Italy & the US, with Barneys as her backyard. Her site covers fashion, wellness, culture, and travel. We love her flu season remedies, playlists, and fashion finds. This site is definitely a win for the internet! Plus how could anyone resist this logo?!

Dove Bradshaw

Dove Bradshaw, Artist

Dove, who was born in New York City, and aside from attendance at the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, living in England and extensive travel for her work, resides there. Inspired by the natural world, she is part of the 1960s collective of New York Neo-Dada artists. She and husband, William Anastasi, one of the founders of Minimal and Conceptual Art, enjoy having friends over for dinner parties at least once a week. Dove muses over hand picked details from her antique bowls to the lighting. For her, "it's all part of the performance." Her love of cooking comes from a close friend, the well known John Cage, premier esthetic philosopher from the 40s until his death in 1992. For a dinner Dove had this past month, Chefanie created an Espresso Mocha Chocolate Cake with Dove's work on a custom #ChefanieSheet.

We loved collaborating with Dove Bradshaw and William Anastasi on a Victory Club event at their bright Upper West Side apartment. Read more about what influences her cuisine and art in her own words here.

Rachel Dalton

Rachel Dalton, Event Specialist

Rachel is an attorney who books entertainment for private events. Since she started Premier Parties, Rachel has formed great relationships within the industry and is known for finding the most coveted talent to perform at her clients' events, truly making the party unforgettable. Billboard and the New York Times have featured her work as well. "It's all in the details," Rachel says. Her favorite recipe is for Blueberry Banana Bread which she has shared with us.

Alexandra Porter

Alexandra Porter, Art Advisor

Images courtesy of Alexandra Porter & Chi Chi Ubiña Photography

Alexandra runs her own art advisory in NYC helping young professionals build their own art collections. Last month, she hosted a Victory Club salon-style dinner in her art-filled apartment. Guests got to listen to Alexandra discuss each piece she had chosen for the event - her apartment walls act like a rotating gallery, introducing new works of artists she has built relationships with. Her apartment is a reflection of her amazing, eccentric taste and her passion for what she does. Alexandra shares with us her grandmother's recipe for Steak Frites, yum!

Stephanie Manasseh

Stephanie Manasseh, Art Curator

Stephanie Manasseh, curator and art consultant, founded the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels in 2007. The fair is making its NYC debut on November 2nd and 3rd at The National Arts Club in partnership with MvVO Art. It will feature hand-selected works from previously unrepresented contemporary artists and designers, giving new talents a chance to make their impact on the arts community. 

Stephanie’s goal in showcasing new talent is to introduce these artists to the buying public and the public to the next generation of artists. Audiences, including members of Victory Club, will get a chance to meet the artists and curators for the first week of the month-long event. Get your ticket here!

Ryan MacDonnell Bracher

Ryan MacDonnell Bracher, Oenophile

Ryan MacDonnell Bracher is an oenophile and owner of Round Pond Estate—a winery, vineyard & olive mill in Rutherford, California. Round Pond is a second generation family business, and she & her brother now run the show. The brother-sister duo grew up in Northern California, a region known for producing some of the freshest gourmet extra virgin olive oil. The olive oil is crafted from estate-grown olives, hand-harvested and cold-pressed to capture bright green Mediterranean flavors. Fresh and pure, this olive oil is perfect on salads, grilled vegetables and more, with infused flavors such as Blood Orange, Rosemary, Basil and Garlic. It can be purchased online here.

With a commitment to unparalleled quality and immense love for her magnificent vineyard, Ryan shares some of her father’s quirky advice on life and the recipe of the famous Round Pond Olive Oil Cake. Follow Ryan's work on Round Pond's Instagram. We're excited to partner with Round Pond Estate on tomorrow's Victory Club event. Get in the mix here



 Photo Credits: Olaf Beckmann

Jin Kang

Jin Kang, Branding Brahmin

Jin is a passionate, dynamic brand builder and recent founder of Lapis, a marketing agency based in New York City. We are lucky to have her as an important member and part of the art & culture dialogue at Victory Club. With us, she shares her recipe for Ikura Don -- and her unique take on creating a relatable & memorable brand:

Branding is about breathing life into a character that your customers will relate to. Imagine your brand as a person - with dreams, purpose, passion, and personality. The way your brand walks, talks, looks, and behaves impacts the relationship your customers will have with your brand. Of course, social media is a great way to make your brand come alive. The more personable communication you have with your customers, the more likely your brand will grow to be their friend. 

-- Jin Kang


Alix of Bohemia

Alix of Bohemia, Gypsy Tailor

Our story with Alix of Bohemia, née Alix Verley Pietrafesa, began with a hand drawn business card on a cold winter night. Today her "Dirty Thirty" collection of 30 jackets created in the 30 days before her 30th birthday launched on 'Moda 'Operandi. For a young designer, that's pretty much the jackpot (although celebs and fashion editors have been wearing her magnificent garments for years...) 

Alix's questionnaire demonstrates how much Alix herself is like her clothes: imaginative, fun, and beautiful. For more, check out her website! <3 



Photo credit: MBV Photography and Alix of Bohemia

Tali Rubinstein

Tali Rubinstein, Musician

Israeli native and brilliant musician Tali Rubinstein shared her flute playing with us at Victory Club's Truffle Shabbat event this past fall. Some of her many accomplishments include receiving the W.S. Kenney award and coming out with her first album entitled "Tal y Tali" produced by Grammy Award winner Javier Limón. Tali travels around the world performing and collaborating with world renown musicians. Here she has shared her favorite recipe for Shakshooka. We can't wait to try it!

Tali is currently working on her third album that is said to come out next year...stay tuned!

To learn more about Tali, check out her website.

Daniella Ohad

We look forward to hosting a Victory Club luncheon with Daniella on September 25! Click here to get in the mix. 

Daniella Ohad, Design Historian

Daniella Ohad is a design historian, tastemaker, educator, and writer based in New York City. She shares her vast knowledge of design on her blog, Daniella on Design, and her Instagram. Moreover, she is excited to launch 2 programs in NYC this fall: The first, Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights will be taking place at the New York School of Interior Design. There will be a morning and evening class. Both will feature some of the most interesting and dynamic experts on collectible design: curators, dealers, collectors. The second program is called Design and Decorative Arts in NYC, and it features visits to various venues like exhibitions, designers studios, and design fairs. This program is private, and you can contact Daniella for more details through her website

Kendra McKinley

Kendra McKinley, Musicianosopher

Our story with Kendra McKinley began in the back of a bus in Israel in 2012 and has developed into a dependence on her music for Victory Club shindigs of all varieties. Her songs regularly feature on Victory Club playlists, and today she's releasing a new single, "Fine as a Vine," available here.  We're thrilled to add it to the rotation and so proud of our friend. Congratulations, Kendra!




Photocredit: Bradley. S. Byrd, Etta Jaffe, Kendra McKinley 

Sara Hankin

Sara Hankin, Designer of Tosia

In her questionnaire, Sara shares a recipe for soy-glazed salmon with vegetables, with the final instruction to DEVOUR! Personally, we can't stop devouring her collections, her Instagrams, or her personality. Having designed for J. Crew and Ralph Lauren, Sara started her own line to materialize her notion of elevated essentials: strong, refreshing pieces with familiar elements. 

Devour Tosia. And share Sara's deliciousness with crazy/beautiful friends and family! 

Photo credit: The Style Line & Tosia

Andrea Zagatti

Andrea Zagatti, Gourmet Chef

We had a more than successful Victory Club dinner in London, cooked and prepared by Zagatti himself, a true artist in the culinary world, a master who brings the culinary and the visual arts together through his gourmet creations. 

Here, in his questionnaire, he shares his love for his native Italian food, namely a VERY good gelato!

Check out his website!


Photo Credit: Zagatti Gourmet Experience