5 Holiday Parties We're Throwing

The holiday season is a biggie for entertaining, and we're excited to celebrate our inaugural holiday collection over the course of so many holiday parties! New straws, napkins, earrings, ornaments, and so much else. Here are a 5 parties we're excited to throw this holiday season, of course using Chefanie entertaining accoutrements.

#1 Caviar PartyLife is short. Why not add some caviar? Serve Caviar Blinis or Caviar Crisps with Caviar Cocktail Napkins while wearing Caviar Blini Earrings at a dedicated Caviar Party?! Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments inspired by a Caviar Blini or Caviar Tin

Wear Glass Blini Earrings, on which caviar is resin, crème fraîche is a natural pearl, the chives are clay, and the blini itself is clear glass

Caviar Cocktail Napkins: There’s a napkin for the iconic caviar tin topper, the mother-of-pearl spoon, the open caviar tin, and the blini!

Caviar Blini Tree Ornament: a handmade ceramic ornament based on the iconic hors d'oeuvres.

Black Caviar Earrings ... to make a dollop of caviar last a little longer ...

#2 Tartan PartyThere's no pattern that is so obviously associated with the holidays as red tartan plaid. Inspired by our Tartan Chefanie Sheets, you can now set a matchimalist tartan tablescape at home! 

Our Tartan Tablecloth sets the mood of what will come above it. 

Save the environment from plastic while also matching the party with these Tartan Ceramic Straws

Chefanie Baskets of Pearls match the color palette of the event and are so effortless to clip on.

Let us create custom patterned, branded sugar cookies in any shape for which a cookie cutter exists. We're thinking tartan! 

We can also make custom patterned, branded lollipops. Who doesn't love a tartan lollipop?!

A Tartan Barrette so your coiff matches the tablecloth

Nothing says Kiss The Cook like a 100% cotton Tartan Apron

Greet your guests with a cocktail napkin that will really WOW! Our Pearl Wreath Cocktail Napkins are 6 x 6 linen squares embroidered by hand -- with natural pearls! 

#3 Chanukah PartyDreidel, dreidel, dreidel! We needed some new party decor for the eight nights of Chanukah, so we created our Oy Vey Yiddish Cocktail Napkins and Star of David Ceramic Straws

Oy Vey Yiddish Cocktail Napkins will have guests kvelling. 

Because why not save the planet from plastics with ceramic straws covered in Magen David?

#4 Cookie SwapIf you haven't noticed, we're obsessed with cookies!! Chocolate chip cookies with truffle salt, chocolate chip cookies made in the microwave, cake-y chocolate chip cookies that are a Levain Bakery copycat recipe - we love them all! For your cookie swap, invite guests to make a batch of their own. Don your Cookie Bite earrings, and if you're busy, we can customize cookies for your special occasion! 

Cookie Bite Earrings - the perfect accessory for a holiday cookie swap! 

Custom Chefanie Cookies with any logo, picture, or pattern - available for nationwide shipping.

#5 Gold PartyYears ago, my best friend Cassius Clay, founder of M. de Nood, brought gold leaf to a New Year’s party. We ate the gold leaf and glued it on our bodies with eyelash glue. The gold created an activity, a photo opportunity, and extra shimmer for the evening. It was the perfect party trick. In life, I accessorize with gold and always choose gold hardware for my accessories collection; we can trace the usage of this gilded preference through art history. Humans love gold. Through a gold themed fête with golden bites, accessories, and music. 

Our 24k Edible Gold Leaf Flakes can adorn a cake, burrata, caviar blini - whatever. Moreover, you can use to decorate your face, body, or menus.

Golden Pineapples, or "Piñas Flacas" -- so your ears can join the gold gourmandise good time.

Our 24k Gold Speckled Cake uses 24k Edible Gold Leaf Flakes and our signature yellow cake recipe. We can create custom cakes in the New York tri-state area; fine more information here

What do David Bowie, Esperanza Spalding, and Bruno Mars all have in common? They all sing about gold. We made a Gold-themed playlist for you to sing at your gold holiday party here.

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