5 Non-boring Ideas for Chanukah

5 non-boring ideas for celebrating the Festival of Lights on Fox5's Good Day New York. 


Chocolate covered strawberry "dreidels"   Chocolate covered strawberry dreidels for chanukah from good day new york

Dreidel is a game that children play on this holiday

Here I’ve carved strawberries to have 4 sides, dipped them in melted chocolate, and used frosting to write on the 4 letters normally found on the toy. The handle is a chocolate stick, "Pocky." 


Next 2 ideas highlight oil – which is the miracle of the holiday-- in the form of delicious fried foods. 

The quintessential food of the holiday is potato pancakes


Go sweet, go savory with toppings ranging from apple sauce, sour cream, pastrami, pickled onions, mustard, chives, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, caviar, ketchup, hoisin sauce, carrot soup. 


Another food that is popular for chanukah : DONUTS.

Donut Hack. 

Nothing beats a hot fresh fried donut. Heaven in your mouth. Here's how to have hot donuts in minutes.

Use store-bought biscuit dough (has a similar consistency to brioche dough, without having to wait for dough to rise) and bake. Two brands I use for biscuit dough are Pillsbury and Immaculate. Let the oil heat up, fry 2-minutes on each side, dredge the oil, and fill with your favorite jams, Nutella, marshmallow fluff. 


Chanukah is the festival of lights ... and it is exactly the moment to pull out your most beautiful candles. In addition to putting them in your menorah (with one candle representing each night of the holiday), light candles in other candlesticks. It's beautiful to have candlelight be the dominant light, differentiating this holiday from normal nights when artificial lights are used.

Our candles can be found here.


Organize gifts in the shape of a menorah

And maybe add tea lights on top of each one symbolically. 

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