Downtown Dinner Party

Sharing some snaps from a recent dinner party for friends at home in NYC. The inspiration was the cool melting pot that Nolita is. Considering the casual vibe, I skipped a tablecloth. Embracing the color of the neighborhood, I opted for these printed cotton Rainbow Splatter Napkins with flowers and colorful Daisy Painted Tapers to match. 
table setting for a colorful dinner in Manhattan
In advance of the gathering, I created and assembled all of my table elements. Green Stem Glasses, Green Highball Glasses, white chocolate covered madeleines (part of the decor, recipe below), hand-painted placecards with rainbow splatter detailing, hand-painted menus, and flowers from Pippa's Petals
table details laid out before setting
handpainted menus for shabbat dinner in nolitacolorful rainbow flowers in flower shaped silver bud vases
By creating a slit with a serrated knife, I turned challah rolls into placecard holders. The seat assignments doubled as table bread. 
place setting with challah roll placecard holder
Our Green Bamboo Flatware is a fresh twist on the classic. Salt and pepper went into antique Cartier cellars found at an estate auction. 
overhead colorful place setting
The Issachar cover from Atoof covered a heart-shaped, chocolate chip challah from Zaro's. You can see some details of our Stone Inlaid Table and Zodiac Wheel Cocktail Napkins.
hand embroidered zodiac challah cover
tulip shortcake

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