Pasta Dinner

In honor of National Pasta Day on October 17, Chefanie hosted a gaggle of gals to her apartment to celebrate one of the most magical parts of life ... pasta. 

The tablescape was built on Chefanie's signature tablecloth, as the colors evoke Capri. Decoration was enhanced by real pasta in a variety of shapes and matching cakes decorated with Chefanie Sheets. In each glass was a sustainable, biodegradable, and glutinous Pasta Straw

Instead of purchasing expensive flowers, Chefanie put basil -- an ingredient that featured prominently within the meal -- in recycled tomato cans. 

Each place setting had a hand-painted menu and gift for the guest: alternating Farfalle Barrettes and Swinging Farfalle earrings

The menu left nothing to be desired for a pasta lover. 


Guests were greeted with "Farfalle Bites": mini dime-size meatballs, a basil leaf, and a farfalle bow on a toothpick. 

Chefanie Farfalle Meatball Bites on Board

Chefanie likewise used these mini meatballs in her Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce. 

Chefanie mixed up her normal Cacio e Pepe recipe by using brown butter. 

For dessert, "Rigatoni Cannolis"

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