5 Ideas to Throw a Barbie Party in 2023

Barbie themed party collage of pink accessories like napkins placemats candles and straws

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This year, due to the blockbuster Barbie film with Margot Robbie, a very popular party theme is Barbie. With its vibrant colors, playful elements, and a touch of nostalgia, a Barbiecore themed party is a delightful way to celebrate and indulge in a world of pink fantasies. 

The foundation of a successful Barbiecore party lies in creating a visually appealing environment that reflects the iconic aesthetic of Barbie. Pink, being the quintessential color associated with Barbie, plays a vital role in setting the scene. Start by adorning your party space with pink linens, such as tablecloths, cocktail napkins, and aprons, to infuse a vibrant and cohesive atmosphere. The choice of high-quality linens in various shades of pink can add depth and visual interest to the overall setup.

To elevate the ambiance further, candles are an essential component of any Barbiecore party. Place pink candles strategically throughout the venue, on tables, windowsills, or even hanging from chandeliers, to infuse a whimsical touch. The flickering candlelight will not only add a sense of romance but also create a dreamy atmosphere that transports your guests into a world of Barbie-inspired fantasy.

The Barbiecore theme extends to the table decor, which should be a focal point of your party. Dress up your table with a pink tablecloth to serve as the canvas for the vibrant and glamorous Barbiecore aesthetic. Incorporate Barbie-inspired centerpieces, such as miniature doll accessories, vintage Barbie dolls, or even custom-made floral arrangements featuring pink flowers and lush greenery. The combination of the pink linens, candles, and thematic decorations will create a captivating tablescape that captures the essence of Barbiecore.

To further immerse your guests in the Barbiecore experience, pay attention to the smaller details. Choose pink-hued glassware to serve beverages. You can also incorporate pink balloons, streamers, or wall hangings to enhance the overall visual appeal and tie everything together.

To complete the Barbiecore experience, include activities and entertainment that align with the theme. Set up a DIY Barbie dress-up station, where guests can experiment with different outfits, accessories, and hairstyles inspired by the iconic doll. You can also organize a fashion show, with guests strutting their Barbie-inspired ensembles down a makeshift runway. Additionally, playing classic Barbie movies or hosting a karaoke session featuring popular Barbie songs can add an extra layer of enjoyment.

A Barbiecore themed party is an opportunity to relish the whimsy and nostalgia associated with Barbie while indulging in a world of pink. By incorporating pink linens and candles throughout your party venue, you create a visually stunning atmosphere that reflects the Barbiecore aesthetic. From the table decor to the smaller details, every element should contribute to the overall theme, allowing your guests to immerse themselves in a delightful Barbie-inspired fantasy. So gather your friends, unleash your creativity, and throw a Barbiecore party that will leave everyone feeling glamorous and enchanted.

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