Holiday #ChefanieSheets

Chefanie is excited to introduce new Chefanie Sheets designs for the festive season! Chefanie has translated her signature watercolors into edible cake paper, and we are pleased to share them with you in time for your upcoming holiday parties.




Tartan #ChefanieSheet is a classic take on your seasonal plaid print. Chefanie loves matching her clothing to her cakes, and Tartan does the job perfectly. Show up at your next party with your favorite plaid skirt, tie, or scarf -- and a cake wrapped in our Tartan Sheet to match!  We paired our Matcha Cake with Tartan Chefanie Sheets to pick up on the sheet’s holiday color scheme; recipe here


Harrison Tile #ChefanieSheet was inspired by Chefanie’s favorite tile table in her family home in Harrison, New York. This sheet is simple and elegant. The icy blues compliment the feeling of the season and look perfect on your chinoiserie tableware. We dressed our Chestnut Maple Cake in Harrison Tile; recipe here.


Beijing #ChefanieSheet is one of our boldest designs yet! We love the graphic punch it brings to your cake and the colors perfectly pair with your traditional holiday scheme. This sheet is definitely for our more eclectic, risk-taking entertainer and is sure to catch everyone’s attention. Our Zucchini Cake looks great in Beijing; recipe here.

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