Daniella Ohad

We look forward to hosting a Victory Club luncheon with Daniella on September 25! Click here to get in the mix. 

Daniella Ohad, Design Historian

Daniella Ohad is a design historian, tastemaker, educator, and writer based in New York City. She shares her vast knowledge of design on her blog, Daniella on Design, and her Instagram. Moreover, she is excited to launch 2 programs in NYC this fall: The first, Collecting Design: History, Collections, Highlights will be taking place at the New York School of Interior Design. There will be a morning and evening class. Both will feature some of the most interesting and dynamic experts on collectible design: curators, dealers, collectors. The second program is called Design and Decorative Arts in NYC, and it features visits to various venues like exhibitions, designers studios, and design fairs. This program is private, and you can contact Daniella for more details through her website