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2019 Annual Gift Guide

We make tableware, accessories, cake decorating kits, and catered parties. We specialize in patterned treats, and you pretty much know the rest...

Ahead of the holidays, we've rounded up the wildest splendors for you to gift to each person in your life.

Wear Glass Blini Earrings, on which caviar is resin, crème fraîche is a natural pearl, the chives are clay, and the blini itself is clear glass

Caviar Cocktail Napkins: There’s a napkin for the iconic caviar tin topper, the mother-of-pearl spoon, the open caviar tin, and the blini!

Caviar Blini Tree Ornament: a handmade ceramic ornament based on the iconic hors d'oeuvres.

Black Caviar Earrings ... to make a dollop of caviar last a little longer ...

Our Tartan Tablecloth sets the mood of what will come above it. 

Save the environment from plastic while also matching the party with these Tartan Ceramic Straws

Chefanie Baskets of Pearls match the color palette of the event and are so effortless to clip on.

Let us create custom patterned, branded sugar cookies in any shape for which a cookie cutter exists. We're thinking tartan! 

We can also make custom patterned, branded lollipops. Who doesn't love a tartan lollipop?!

A Tartan Barrette so your coiff matches the tablecloth

Set the holiday table with 1 click?! Shop Christmas-in-a-Box

Greet your guests with a cocktail napkin that will really WOW! Our Pearl Wreath Cocktail Napkins are 6 x 6 linen squares embroidered by hand -- with natural pearls! 

Oy Vey Yiddish Cocktail Napkins will have guests kvelling. 

Because why not save the planet from plastics with ceramic straws covered in Magen David?