How to Make Farfalle Pasta

The Italian word for butterfly is "farfalle," and it's such a beautiful pasta shape. All you need is an afternoon and 5 simple ingredients: 2 t salt, 8 eggs, 3.5 c semolina flour, 8 T water, and 3.5 c AP flour. Combine dry ingredients and then wet ingredients in a stand mixer until a dough ball forms. From big dough ball, form four smaller dough balls; knead each dough ball on a semolina covered surface until smooth -- like a baby's bottom! Once smooth, wrap dough ball in saran wrap and pop wrapped dough balls in fridge for at least an hour. After an hour, roll each dough ball out on a cold surface sprinkled with semolina flour until dough is paper thin. Then use a pizza cutter to form small squares. Pinch the middle of each square into a farfalle shape! Place the shaped pasta onto a tray lined with parchment paper to dry out. After about an hour of drying in the fridge, the pasta is ready to be boiled. Buon appetito!

The pasta pairs perfectly with matching farfalle earrings.

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