Cake Balls

White chocolate and milk chocolate  peanut butter  cake balls with  Chefanie Sheets

White chocolate and milk chocolate peanut butter cake balls with Chefanie Sheets

Chefanie constantly finds herself bringing cakes with 1 slice removed when she goes to parties. Why one sliced removed, you might ask. Because she needs to taste every recipe to make sure it is perfect -- and photograph each slice! With cake balls, you can avoid that problem because no one can tell if there is one missing. Anyway, these instructions work for any variety of cake & cake balls are a good solution when cakes come out of the oven in a sub-perfect state. 


Once you have a cake...


    •    Cake (our favorites for cake balls are peanut butter & vanilla bean)  

    •    Frosting

    •    Chocolate chips (we prefer white!)

    •    Drop of olive oil

    •    #ChefanieSheets, shop here

Vanilla Bean cake balls with white chocolate and  St. Barth's  #ChefanieSheets 

Vanilla Bean cake balls with white chocolate and St. Barth's #ChefanieSheets 


    •    Crumble whatever cake you have into little bits.

    •    Once cake has been completely crumbled, add enough frosting to your bowl to allow crumbles to stick but not so much that the mixture is too wet. 

    •    Mix thoroughly, and then form 1-inch size balls and place on cookie sheet with parchment paper. 

    •    Place cookie tray in fridge for 15 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes - you do not want the balls to harden, just get cold. 

    •    While cake balls are cooling, prepare a double boiler to melt chocolate.

    •    Add a tiny drop of olive oil into chocolate chips to make the chocolate smooth, and stir over double boiler continuously until chocolate is completely melted. 

    •    Remove chocolate from heat but stir continuously to prevent it from hardening.

    •    Remove cake balls from fridge and using a skewer, spin each ball delicately in the chocolate until coated and smooth and place back on cookie sheet. 

    •    Repeat with each cake ball, when finished replace cookie sheet in fridge for 10 minutes.

    •    Once the coating is a little dry, but still wet, decorate with #ChefanieSheets and enjoy!


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