Amalfi Itinerary

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Legend has it that the Amalfi Coast is named after a nymph with whom Hercules was madly in love. After she died, Hercules searched the world for a burial site worthy of his love and chose the craggy coastline where we just enjoyed the most exquisite stay. The Amalfi Coast combines natural and man-made beauty forms -- at the highest levels. 

Here are my recommendations for your trip to this magic place. 


Pizza 3.0 - Ciro Cascella in Napoli Naples

Best pizza:

  • Pizza 3.0 - Ciro Cascella
  • Concettina a tre Santi


  • Doctor Vintage 


Key People:

  • Luigi Cammarota was the most informative, reliable driver. His website is here.


  • Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel - not fancy but perfect



Only advice is to hire a guide. 


Lemon sorbet in a lemon amalfi


  • Hike to Agricola Fore Porta for lunch
  • Ristorante Il Chiostro for dinner 
  • Lemon sorbet in a lemon at any of the gelato shops 


    • If you are interested in cycling, book a bike tour with Cycling Amalfi



    Positano from Hotel Il San Pietro


    • The restaurants at Il San Pietro and Le Sireneuse were extraordinary for the food, service, views.
    • We loved the vongole and calamari at Bucca di Beppo in the port. 


    • Hotel Montemare - spacious, clean rooms with comfortable beds. Just note that if you arrive through the port with baggage, you must hire a porter


    • So nice to rent a small boat to see the little beaches and grottos. You are able to negotiate pricing, and there are many vendors in the port.
    • We stoped at Conca del Sogno. Highly recommend the zucchini pasta. We chartered a boat from Boat Experience Positano ( - perfect size for 2 people. 


    • La Fontelina - go by foot in supportive shoes; the views are amazing, but the climb is steep, and many fall.
    • Da Paolino ("The Lemon Tree") - charming lemon-filled restaurant, very photogenic
    • Aurora - the pizza 


    To set a table at home to feel like you are in the Amalfi Coast, click here.

    Chefanie Amalfi Coast inspired table


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