How to Clean Stains from Linen Napkins

Customers are always asking how to launder our embroidered linens and especially how to remove stains. Madeline from The Laundress demonstrates how to remove common stains from linen embroidered napkins: red wine, lipstick, and greasy food.

RED WINE: apply stain solution on the stain; work it into the stain with a brush or finger; soak the stained area in water; wash in cold water and a delicate detergent.

GREASY FOOD: rub moistened wash & stain bar on the stained area; brush; soak; wash in cold water with delicate detergent.

LIPSTICK: apply stain solution and bleach alternative, creating a paste; soak; wash in cold water with delicate detergent.


  • Brush helps get into the fibers of the fabric
  • All linens should air dry (not machine dry)
  • Always wash linens in cold water with delicate detergent

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