Machine Versus Hand Embroidery: How to Spot the Difference

How to spot the difference between hand embroidery and machine embroidery.
There are 2 methods of embroidery. Here's how to tell them apart.
Hand embroidery is an age old process. Performed by an individual, this method yields a unique product every time. There's personality and variation in the many types of stitches. 
Machine embroidery on the other hand always yields an exactly identical result, akin to photocopying paper. The thread and therefore the stitches are tighter. 
In this example of a flower, we tried machine and hand embroidery techniques. The machine embroidered flower is more rigid and less varied in color; whereas, the hand embroidery has more shading and a more romantic look. 
Of course, hand embroidery takes much more time than machine and is therefore more expensive.  Machine embroidery is ideal for logos and other graphics that need to be consistent.  Now when you next see a napkin, you can identify how it was embroidered! 
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