Mad for Plaid! Tartan Tablescape

I created my tableware collection to extend the patterns of my #ChefanieSheet-ed treats. This holiday, I'm excited to lay my table with tartan everything for the first time ever, and this video walks you through each step. 

Here's what I used: 

  1. Chefanie Tartan Tablecloth
  2. Chefanie Tartan Napkins
  3. Chefanie Tartan Ceramic Straws 
  4. Chefanie Tartan Chefanie Sheets (over a yellow cake)
  5. Chefanie Custom Lollipops 
  6. Chefanie Agate Napkin Rings 
  7. Plates from Serax's Perfect Imperfection collection
  8. My mom's burgundy chargers 
  9. My uncle's gold flatware
  10. Water glasses I bought at the flea market in Zurich
  11. Wine glasses that my grandpa gave to me
  12. Handrolled crackers filled with holiday candy
  13. Ferrero Rocher pralines 
  14. Odds and ends from my cabinet: ceramic pineapple, Jeff Koons gold dog, etc. 

I wore a Chefanie tartan barrette, a tartan shirt from J. Crew, a tartan kilt that I found long time ago, and Chefanie Piñas Flacas 

For your own Christmas or holiday dinner party, transform your table into tartan mania. Shimmers of gold make the table feel ever more festive. 

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