Night in Gold


Photo by Collins Nai

A sparkling gold dinner to pep up the dark winter humdrum.

Photo by Collins Nai

Photo by Collins Nai

Photo by Collins Nai

I found this gold sequin tablecloth on Amazon - I like how flat it looked in pictures. 

This hard "placemat" made of engineered wood is from Kim Seybert here.

Yellow brass and quartz napkin ring from Kim Seybert here.

White roses... 

Our Chefanie Blue & White Urns to make the gold pop. Available here

Option #1 : Wear a gold sequin dress. Mine is old old Phillip Lim. On my ears, I'm wearing Chefanie Pearl Bocconcinis.
Photo by Collins Nai

Options #2: Gold sequin pants from Zara, a white blouse from Shein, Chefanie Big Baskets earrings filled with Ferrero Rocher pralines.

Option #3: Anything ... as long as the bits with bare skin are cheekily decorated with Chefanie 24k edible gold leaf. This is a picture of me when I was 19.

On your ears, you can don these Chefanie paper-thin golden pineapple earrings! Available here.

Normally I carry a basket as a bag, but when I don't I love really unique unusual purses -- like this Oscar de la Renta mini alibi box bag. 

This is your excuse to wear gold leaf as an accessory. Fix it to your skin with eyelash glue. Shop Chefanie 24k edible gold leaf here

Of course I painted the menus and added gold leaf (using clear nail polish to affix it) ... in the upper right hand corner, I wrote each guest's name, so the menu doubled as a place card. The menu items were very simple ... the emphasis was on other things ;) Photo by Collins Nai.

Pizza with gold leaf?? Of course. I love Jim Lahey's simple but perfect pizza dough recipe here.

Photo by Collins Nai

Chefanie 24k Edible Gold Flakes

Our 24k Edible Gold Leaf can be used to jazz up savories and sweets - always handy to keep in the kitchen. Available here.

Our customized lollipops were the perfect table decor additional -- and parting gift. Order yours here.

Champagne is the most sparkling beverage -- and Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Go Golden Edition is the most sparkly champagne. 

On the record player: "Heart of Gold"

Of course I made a playlist called "Heart of Gold" with songs all celebrating gold. There's some Bowie, Kanye, Fleetwood Mac, and Bruno Mars. Find the playlist -- and enjoy the playlist -- here




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