Surrealist Dinner Party Inspiration

products for a dinner party inspired by surrealism on white and cloudy background
Surrealism draws out unconscious thoughts through the uncanny and unnerving… therefore a great non-boring dinner theme for 2024. By embracing the unconventional and dreamlike elements of surrealism, guests will be transported into a world where reality blurs with the fantastical. We've compiled decor ideas and recipes in this vein that will reference Magritte and Dalí and yield a very memorable gathering. 
Place setting with red lips and clouds for a surrealist dinner party
For the table, I used Chefanie Tableware: Cloud Tablecloth, Red Lip Placemats, Red Lip Dinner Napkins, Red Lip Cocktail Napkins, Tassel Flatware, Red Stem Glasses, Red Highball Glasses, and Red Flower Candle. In addition to flowers in the centerpiece, i used magnifying glasses and apples. 
Other decor ideas include: Painted Lip CandlesPainted Eye Candles, and Hand-Shaped Chairs
Pastel Fur Hoops or Chocolate Fur Hoops would be a reference to Meret Oppenheim's teacups. Otherwise, the Meringue Earrings or Caviar Earrings.
Red Japanese style flowers for surrealist dinner
For floral arrangements, we displayed red anthuriums and pincushion proteas
in the Kenzan style.
bread sculpture for surrealist dinner
We created bread sculptures (using wire) as additional decor. 
Cotton candy cocktail in red stem glass for surrealist party
To further celebrate Magritte's iconic clouds, we include puffs of cotton candy in the cocktails. 
butter in the shape of lips on a slice of bread
For bread service, we recommend thick slices with butter in the shape of lips.
For dinner, as an homage to Dalí's lobster telephone, serve full lobsters.
For dessert: 
open blue bird cage with edible nests for surrealist party dessert
Offer egg shaped chocolates in nests of kataifi dough, all within an open bird cage. This format is also a reference to René Magritte's paintings with bird cages.
chocolate in the shape of a rat in a person's hand
As a petit four or parting gift, you can do chocolates in the shape of rats. Very uncanny.

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