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Chefanie Beach Picnic set up

It's mid-August. We've been cooped up for the last 5 months. We're craving connection, escape, and the chance to celebrate the little things. This summer, we're gathering al fresco not only because it's pleasant but also because it's safer.  An intimate, covid-compliant picnic by a local shore can be transportational. A special menu and exciting visuals stimulate the senses. 

Dress the table like this tablescape

Blue and white linens with seashell napkin rings. Picnic goods toted in a handwoven signature Chefanie basket bag and displayed as part of the centerpiece. Some garden hydrangeas. If you bring candles, make sure to cover them with hurricanes. 

Chefanie beach picnic with basket of baguette
Chefanie blue & white beach picnic with basket of baguette and shell napkin rings

If it is specifically a s'mores picnic (bonfire), put each element onto its own plate above a pretty tablecloth. I stuck the s'mores sticks in the sand, so they would not fly away in the wind. Always best to do s'mores on the night of a full moon, so there is plenty of light. 

My list of things to pack for s'mores on the beach:
Collapsible table
Metal bucket (for fire)
Plastic bucket (for water to put out fire) 
Metal grates (if cooking anything other than s'mores)
3 bundles of wood
Water bottles
Fire starter
S'mores ingredients

Beach s'mores buffet

Everything should be as light and servable at room-temperature. For summer 2020, we are packaging everything individually to be safe. If you can give everyone a basket full of provisions, that creates a lovely experience. 

"Cheeseboard In A Jar" : chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano, spears of Franche Comté, organic red seedless grapes, sesame breadsticks, and a sprig of rosemary  for each guest at the picnic

#Cheeseboard In A Jar

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