Stephanie Nass

30th Birthday

Celebrating a 30th birthday in these crazy daisy times is not as simple as it once was To be "Covid-compliant," guests had to show a negative PCR – and celebrate outside.Using Chefanie Tableware was importantAnd celebratory crackersThe dress was made with excess tablecloth fabric, inspired by a Christopher Esber design – so everything would matchDesserts were abundant and equally floral
More memories:
Floral Patterned Tent with Matching Sargent pepper style blazer jacket
Floral patterned tent with custom matching Sargent Pepper style blazer
We can create these tents by special order. Contact for more information.
 Beatles Cover Band wearing floral blazers
The most amazing Beatles cover band wore floral blazers to match the rest of the ambiance. Here was the set list.
Open fire catering cooking meats outside
Floral butterfly printed cookies
Striped chintz dress matchimalist with Chefanie tableclothStephanie Nass
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