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My First QuaranTable

Chefanie Spring Quarantable

How to set a cheery spring Tablescape to spark joy in Quarantine .. a QuaranTable! Perfect for Easter, Passover, and other spring soirées.

As a snack for the table, glazed lemon rinds from Oh! Nuts

Cutting Forsythia in the Garden Gif

In my backyard, I cut long branches of forsythia. With shears, I made sure to cut on a diagonal. 

Chefanie Arranging Forsythia Gif

Fill vases or our ceramic urns with warm water. When you put the branches in the water, make sure to remove the flowers that would come in contact with the water - the forsythia will contaminate the water and therefore reduce their life.

Above our Chefanie signature tablecloth, I laid the chargers, flatware, dinner plates, napkins, glasses and ceramic straws

Above our signature tablecloth, I laid the chargers, flatware, dinner plates, napkins, glasses and ceramic straws

Some of the individual components on the table:

Chefanie signature yellow green blue Capri tile tablecloth

Love our Chefanie signature scalloped tablecloth for the foundation of the table. Shop here.

Chefanie Linen Embroidered Takeout Napkin Set - Four

Inspired by a passion for yellow flowers, we hand-embroider letters composed of these cheery flora on linen dinner napkins. We have "N" dinner napkins and "S" dinner napkins in stock, but we customize napkins in your favorite letter here.

Blue & white urns. Shop here.


Bright yellow forsythias from my garden!

Chefanie Ceramic Straws

Chefanie signature Ceramic Straws match the tablecloth and are a fun, sustainable add-on. Shop here

Love H&M's dinner plates with green leaves - shop here.

Some seasonal options.

Since we're all boosting our immunity, how about a ginger lemonade with a touch of turmeric?

Keep it bright and happy, but blending into the tablescape elements.

Big Basket Earrings

Our Big Basket Earrings can be filled with the Forsythia or lemon rinds

Simon & Garfunkel feels right for a basket of reasons. 

Well I'm on my way
I don't know where I'm going
I'm on my way
I'm taking my time
But I don't know where
Goodbye to Rosie, the queen of Corona