Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 101

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Looking to create an elegant yet festive evening filled with fiesta fun? To get your place to scream “Cinco de Mayo," from the food to the decor to the obligatory margaritas, flip through for some pro tips from our favorite hostess, Stephanie Nass of Victory Club.

What To Drink

[Photo via  @fondanyc ]

[Photo via @fondanyc]

MARGARITAS! Of all shapes and sizes. You can make them flavored with fruits, such as passion fruit, salt encrusted, frozen or classic. The possibilities truly are endless. Take a peek for some perfect recipe ideas.

What To Serve

[Photo via  @vhbae ]

[Photo via @vhbae]

Classic, but with a twist is the way to go when it comes to the menu. Chips and guac are an obvious must. But with a little lobster meat for added for good form - even better.

What To Wear

[Photo via  @magneticmidnight ]

[Photo via @magneticmidnight]

This is not the day to be a siesta. Dress up your look with colorful accessories. 

Cactus shoes

Festive headbands

Fun statement earrings


Chefanie Sheets

Sure you like your guacamole spicy, but do you like your cake spicy as well? Chocolate cake, spiced with a dash of cayenne pepper and decorated with patterned Chefanie Sheets is the way to keep the party going.

How To Decorate

[Photo  via ]

[Photo via]

If you haven't gotten it already - color is the name of the game! Yellow, green, blue and orange will brighten up the room and lift the party spirit. 

But don't go running to Party City in some sad last minute appeal to the party planning gods. Go to Etsy! Banners, pinatas - a knitted sombrero hat for your cat!

For DIY crafts, Martha will never steer you wrong. And Edie Parker's new housewares line? Gold.

The Playlist

[Photo via @ tableanddine ]

[Photo via @tableanddine]

When people aren't drinking or laughing, they should be dancing. These tunes on repeat should do the trick.

Party Gifts!

Nothing like a goodie bag of spicy chocolate, a mini bottle of Patron, and a cute Polaroid snap from the evening to send guests off into the night.

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