3 Patriotic Cakes That You Can Make at Home

With the Fourth of July right around the corner (achem, tomorrow), here are 3 of Chefanie's favorite patriotic cakes that'll really show off America's red, white, and blue colors. Make sure to top your cakes with an American Flag Chefanie Sheet to give them that extra wow factor! 

american flag cake

1. Flag Surprise Cake

This cake might seem physically impossible, but it is actually quite simple: all you need are layers of vanilla cake and food coloring. Follow the recipe here for a perfect Fourth of July cake with an American Flag inside. 

red white and blue cake

2. Red, White, & Blue Layer Cake

If you want to try a cake that isn't as complex as the American Flag one, this red, white, and blue layer cake will do the trick. Follow the recipe here

cranberry cake with flag chefanie sheet

3. Any ol' cake with Flag Chefanie Sheets

If you want a patriotic cake, but don't want to mess with all of the messy food coloring, this cake will do the trick. Here is a simple cranberry cake topped with an American Flag Chefanie Sheet. It's delicious and patriotic. You can substitute any cake recipe on our dessert page... 

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